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This website is one of the most special sites I've created. Terapia Sin Consultorio is a psychological practice from Mexico, who offers online psychotherapy for people in different countries around the world.

This website was created from scratch using Wordpress, CSS and JavaScript practices. 

It is a simple website with six different pages that include the specialties, costs and options, a calendar for appointment requests, a FAQs section, a 'store' to pay the sessions and an overview of Lucy Manrique, psychologist and founder of this amazing practice. 

Look and Feel

Lucy wanted the website to look calming and "not cliche". After some talking with her, we decided to took elements and colors that matched her vision. So we came to the conclusion that water and a 'healing' color palette would be the best solution to what she wanted to project. 

Also, you may ask why there's not people on this website if it's for a psychological practice. In this case, the best solution for avoiding stereotypes and cliches was the use of illustrations and calming photographies. Illustrative design was one of the main web design tendencies during 2020, so this really helped the website to look modern, simple and direct at the same time. 

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