Web Design · Anda Lab Brush Cleanser

Anda Lab is a makeup brush cleanser brand from Guadalajara, Jalisco that seeks to take care of the quality, clean and disinfect makeup brushes 100% instantly.

This website was created using Shopify and CSS practices. The images and graphics used were downloaded from a royalty-free content marketplace, as well as provided by the customer. 

Look and Feel

The customer wanted a sophisticated and classic look. Therefore, a serif typography for the titles, combined with sans serif for the body text, was the most accurate for the look.

The website includes information about the benefits of Anda Lab products, as well as the possibility to purchase them. It is aimed to makeup artists and mostly women who want to take care of their makeup brushes and skin.

The color palette was provided by the customer, white, pink and red to represent a young, feminine, classic and modern brand.  

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