About DearDoc

DearDoc is a NY based company that offers cloud-based software solutions to help reinvent the way new patients meet their doctors.

We are changing the standard of how patients get in touch with healthcare professionals by offering a selection of advanced tools to modernize how doctors interact with new and existing patients.

The Project

In order to provide doctors a better way to understand how DearDoc has helped them to grow their practices, DearDoc decided to launch a Reporting App, a mobile and desktop platform that will give doctors the support and analytics they need to succeed with their practices.

The Problem

The aim of the DearDoc Reporting App is to allow the users to track the number of chats, referrals, conversion rate, growth rate, among other analytics anytime they want. DearDoc wants to make those reports accessible to its users while maintaining a simple and pleasurable user experience.


Desktop Version

My first thought when creating the new dashboard was that I should aim for an elegant look, something that was made easier due to the fact that DearDoc brand colors are black and white, therefore I went for that Dark aesthetic which is a trend in current interfaces.

The data gathered in the dashboard consists  of leads, number of newly acquired patients, chat conversion rate, referral growth rate, most common locations, among other data. All this information is spread among several modules and graphs, and each doctor can consult it whenever they want, after they've logged in, of course.

The log in page consists of a simple, yet appealing, form which maintains that dark look with the DearDoc logo on top. Having this aesthetic from the log in page, allows us to have cohesion throughout the whole website, which ultimately results in a better experience for the users.

Mobile Version

Aiming to create the best possible responsive dashboard for our partnered doctors, I've gathered all the information in several modules, arranged in an attractive manner for the doctors to consult it. In the mobile version, the modules arrangement had to be a little different, the modules are contracted and squeezed together, increasing the ease for the doctors to consult their data on the go, but without losing that characteristic look that we aimed for in with this dashboard.

The DearDoc Reporting App is still in it's infancy, with plenty more to come.

Tools used in this project: Figma for wireframing and Adobe XD for prototyping.

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