The search results page of Oracle.com demands a comprehensive redesign to address the current design's issues and ensure that users can seamlessly find the information they seek. This project aims to modernize the existing search results page, eliminating confusion and outdated design elements while prioritizing user-centricity and usability.


August 2022 - November 2022


UX/UI Designer


  • Figma

UX Team

  • UX Manager: Ryan O'Neill 
  • UX/UI Designer: Monserrat Kaneko
  • Accessibility: Christopher Land

Approvers: Oracle Search Team

Challenges and existing design

The current design of the Oracle.com search results page presents different challenges that hinder users from efficiently locating the information they require. These include:

Cluttered Layout

The existing page displays information in a cluttered manner, overwhelming users with an disordered layout, links, and options. This leads to cognitive overload, making it difficult for users to focus on their search intent.

Outdated Design

The visual elements on the page are outdated and fail to align with the brand. This not only detracts from the user experience but also negatively impacts the perception of Oracle's brand image.

Ineffective Information Hierarchy

The lack of a clear information hierarchy and proper organization of search results causes key information to get lost in the noise. 

Confusing Navigation

Navigational elements, such as filters and sort options, are not user-friendly and are often confusing to use. Users struggle to refine their search results according to their preferences.

Project Goals

The primary goal of this redesign project is to enhance the user experience on Oracle.com's search results page by addressing the aforementioned challenges. The following objectives will guide the project:

Streamlined Information Presentation

Implement a cleaner and more organized layout that presents search results in a way that is easy to scan and comprehend. 

Modern an Cleaner Visual Design

Revamp the visual design to align with Oracle's brand, incorporating clean typography, and appropriate spacing that resonates with Oracle's brand identity.

Accessibility Considerations

Implement accessibility best practices to ensure that the redesigned search results page is usable by individuals with disabilities.

Improved Information Hierarchy

Establish a clear hierarchy for search results, highlighting titles, brief descriptions, and relevant metadata.

Intuitive Navigation

Redesign navigational elements, such as filters and sorting options, to allow users to refine results effortlessly, enhancing their ability to narrow down information.

Mobile Responsiveness

Ensure the redesign is responsive across various devices and screen sizes.

The Solution

Enhanced User Satisfaction

Users will be able to swiftly find the information they require, leading to increased satisfaction with the website's usability.

Improved Brand Perception

A modern and visually appealing design will enhance the perception of Oracle's brand as forward-thinking and user-focused.

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The redesign of Oracle.com's search results page is a pivotal project that addresses the current confusion and outdated design. By focusing on user needs and modern design principles, this project aims to transform the search results page into a valuable tool that empowers users to efficiently find the information they seek while aligning with Oracle's brand vision.


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