Aurora de FloreÉ is a facial spa located in Puebla, Mexico. It is focused on facial therapies and aromatherapy that help the skin to free itself from outside pollutants and dryness. Thus providing a soft, luminous and radiant skin to its clients. 

"My dream is to get to know the northern lights. Hence the name Aurora is born.On the other hand, my business seeks that the people who receive the service, flourish, feel free, in harmony with nature and with themselves. Therefore, FloreÉ. I want each facial session to fill people with love and light"  -Flor Cabrera, Aurora de FloreÉ founder. 

I developed the visual identity with the aim of giving a simple and elegant imprint, the claim "It is always time to be in harmony with yourself" is the center of the idea, the warm contrasting colors seek empathy with the customer recalling the concept of love and nature, flowers and northern lights.

Business Values

  • Love
  • Empathy
  • Respect
  • Harmony
  • Responsibility
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